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Date Published:  April 1, 2021

As soon as Brittany (Hernandez) Weisrock could string sentences together, she knew she had a love for writing. When she started writing little stories as a child, little did she know that one day she would be a published author. Fast forward to 2021, and that is Brittany’s reality, as she awaits the publication of her first novel, Triad, a new adult paranormal romance/urban fantasy work designed for adult readers who enjoy vampires, shifters, fae (fairies), and magic.

To rewind and start at the beginning, Brittany started her life in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Phillips native, Brian Skomaroske. Just before she entered kindergarten, she and her family moved to Phillips, where she spent all her adolescent years. Choosing to keep Phillips as her home after high school graduation, Brittany married Bryan Weisrock, and the couple has a daughter named Peyton, whom Brittany hopes to raise to speak her mind and understand her value. “She’s such a pleasure to watch grow and learn. Raising her is such an amazing thing. She’s this gift I never knew I always wanted,” Brittany said of her pride and joy. Regarding herself, “I’m that mom-type - messy bun, leggings, and a love for tacos I can’t contain! As a self-proclaimed OG bookworm, Netflix junkie, and wine enthusiast, I love losing myself in a great fictional world with a glass of good wine in my hand.”

Some of the books that Brittany has gotten lost in include Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas, Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab, and Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. Knowing she could list more books, she had to stop herself aside from also mentioning the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. “You should know I watched New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn 1 & 2 at midnight along with buying the books at the stores,” Brittany said of her enthusiasm for the series. She stated she is constantly finding new books to love as they offer limitless adventures. “I truly feel you can live more lives than imaginable by simply reading,” a thought encapsulated in one of Brittany’s favorite quotes by V.E. Schwab, “Books, she has found, are a way to live a thousand lives – or to find strength in a very long one.”

Transcending from the written word to on-screen, Brittany confessed she is a huge move nerd and enjoys a number of them, as well. However, her go-to movie and all-time favorite is one she discovered in her younger years, Jurassic Park. “That movie changed my life as a kid! I am a Jeff Goldblum fan!”

It’s no doubt that Brittany enjoys action when the Weisrock family’s favorite sport is hockey. “We love going to Wisconsin Badgers hockey games. It’s just such a fast-paced sport to watch as they fly up and down the ice. Not to mention that where the Badgers play just has this vibe we love from the music playing, the players, and the alumni chants. It’s just awesome to be in the arena and watch the play,” Brittany shared.

While Brittany enjoys watching high energy sports like hockey, she also brings the high energy. “Obviously, I can’t speak for those who meet me, but I generally feel you won’t walk away from me wondering what I was thinking, because odds are, I’m going to tell ya!” She admits she can have a bit of a potty mouth but has zero shame at that. “I’m happy to speak my mind and started blogging, just to get my ideas out there. Authenticity is key for me. I think that’s why blogging was such a fun creative outlet for me.”

While blogging likely helped tune her writing skills, she credits some high school teachers for fostering her interest in the craft. “I knew in middle school I possessed a passion for writing but never knew exactly what to do with it. In high school, I took creative writing classes and advanced composition. Sue Weddle, Staci Mollman, and Eva Reilly really helped me understand just how much I loved writing with some projects we did in class. I even took senior assistantships with Mrs. Reilly and Mrs. Mollman.”

While those women helped guide Brittany in her journey with the written word, she has had other guiding lights throughout her life. “My entire family and the friends I’ve made family are my greatest source of strength, and I love them.” They are the people she knows have served her journey well. “My husband, Bryan Weisrock, and my daughter, Peyton, made me want to be someone they could be proud of. My entire family really is my backbone and foundation, along with these lasting friendships I’ve cultivated with people I believe are extraordinary - they know who they are. I’ve learned so much from them, individually, that it feels like a slight to pick just one. If I had to give a shout out, I’d have to say my dad, Brian Skomaroske, and my gram, Linda Patrick, are such consistent people, and Keri Krupp, who really pushed me to pursue this endeavor [of publishing a book]. But truly, my ENTIRE family has my back - I am the LUCKIEST person to have them. I definitely took traits from some family and friends and incorporated them into Triad.”

Taking note of different personality traits has been a life-long observation, but the actual writing of her book started in January of 2020. Dedicated to her project, her second draft was completed by June. She learned of a writing event where she could connect with agents and publishers if they had interest in the pitch for the work. “I got crazy lucky, and a smaller press liked my pitch. They ended up asking for a full manuscript and we decided, my book, Triad, and I were the right fit for them. After that, I spent six months heavily revising and going through the editorial process with them. It’s crazy how much a book changes from those beginning drafts to publishing. So, in all honesty, it took a full year and a couple months to have Triad where we all wanted it to be story-wise. I’m a better writer for it, and I appreciated the opportunity to work with these professionals.”

Brittany stated that the publishing process is intense. “I didn’t consider self-publishing, though I highly respect those who do. It’s crazy hard. The number of roles you have to take on to succeed is massive and rather impressive. I went the traditional publishing direction, with the query, synopsis aspects….Once you’re contracted, your writing life becomes deadlines, revisions, more edits, and all kinds of fun stuff like cover proposals, blurbs, bios, and brief interviews….I’m aware how lucky I am to have gotten such an early break. Many authors have to query for years.”

For Brittany, there have been many great moments in this rather short amount of time, including reading her book after it was formatted, seeing the cover design, and hearing from the ARC readers, who are the Advanced Review Copy readers who critique the pre-published book. Brittany said of the ARC readers, “That has to be my favorite. When a reader gets in touch with me and gushes about how much they connected with or loved a character, it tells me I did my job right as an author. It’s all I want as an author - to put out a book readers in my genre will love and give them characters they can’t forget!”

As Brittany’s book publication journey unfolds, she wants to tell young people who are pursuing writing not to give up. “There’s going to be a lot of ‘no’s’ in writing and a lot of feeling like you might not be good enough, but keep writing, keep learning, keep honing your skills, and expanding your depth as a writer. If you can learn from your constructive critiques and take those negatives to grow yourself, that’s really the best thing you can do.”

Growing and capturing your life’s purpose as quickly as you can is summed up in one of Brittany’s favorite quotes from V.E. Schwab, “Blink, and the years fall away like leaves.” The seasons of life do pass quickly for us all, and we must remember to embrace them all. At present, Brittany can delight in the season of her first book, another leaf on her tree of life.

Written By:  Lynne Bohn

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