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My Northern Wisconsin, Yesterday, 02:31 PM


At 3:27 p.m. on December 5, 2023, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call reporting a man had been run over by a loader at the Crass Sawmill located on State Hwy. 64 in the Town of Browning.  It was further reported that the man was not conscious or breathing.  Taylor County deputies, along with ambulance and EMS services, responded to the scene.   

Upon arrival, deputies found the victim lying on the ground, deceased with severe head trauma.  The victim was identified as 43-year-old Mark A. Frischman of Medford, Wisconsin.

According to the Taylor County Sheriff's Office, "The investigation into the incident finds that the victim, Mark Frischman, was talking with another individual in the driveway in near proximity to a large loader that was unloading a semi-truck.  The conversation ended and one individual walked away and was about six feet away from Frischman when he turned back and had seen Mark Frischman had been backed over by the loader.

"The loader operator was backing a large loader that is not equipped with a back-up camera or back-up alarms.  He was unaware that Mark Frischman was standing in the path of the loader as he was backing.  Also contributing to the incident were semi-trucks and other large equipment running, making it difficult for the victim to have heard the loader approaching him."

The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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My Northern Wisconsin, 12-02-2023, 04:54 AM

The 2023 Phillips Christmas Parade was held on Friday, December 1, 2023.  View a video by clicking on this link.  Some photos have also been posted below.

Don't forget to enter our Christmas house-decorating contest.




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My Northern Wisconsin, 11-30-2023, 04:31 AM

According to the DNR, as of 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, November 26, 2023, "Sales for gun, bow, crossbow, sports, and conservation patron licenses reached 788,697.  Of that total, 434,817 were for gun privileges only.  Year-to-date sales for all deer licenses are down 0.8% compared to last year.

"This year, hunters from all 50 states and 27 countries purchased a Wisconsin hunting license.

"Of the licenses sold to date, 66% were purchased online.  The remaining 34% were sold in person through transactions at DNR license sale locations."

Regarding a preliminary look at harvest totals, the DNR said, "Hunters registered 173,942 deer during the 2023 gun deer season, including 85,390 antlered and 88,552 antlerless deer.  Compared to 2022, the total firearm deer harvest was down 17.6% statewide, with the antlered harvest down 14.7% and the antlerless harvest down 20.3%.

"Since the opening of the bow and crossbow seasons, hunters have registered 266,132 statewide so far this year.

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"Adams County in the Central Farmland Zone led the state with 9.7 deer registered per square mile.  Adams County also led the Central Forest Zone with 3.5 deer per square mile.  Vernon County led the Southern Farmland Zone with 6.7 deer registered per square mile.  Taylor County registered the most deer per square mile, 2.7, in the Northern Forest Zone."

Totals for the area My Northern Wisconsin covers can be seen in the following chart:

Image by:  Wisconsin DNR

The DNR reported three firearm-involved hunting incidents during the 2023 gun deer season.  This is down from eight incidents last season.  One incident was in Taylor County in Rib Lake Township.  A 30-year-old man was the victim of a gunshot to his upper thigh on November 24, 2023.  According to the DNR, "During the end of a deer drive, a 35-year-old male shooter shot at a deer, striking the victim.  The victim received medical treatment at a hospital."  There were no fatalities this year.

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News: Phillips, Kennan, and Catawba    No Replies

My Northern Wisconsin, 11-22-2023, 07:59 PM


This news story was first reported at this link.  The following is an update.

Last week, according to the superintendent at the School District of Phillips, a teacher was arrested for possession of drugs (marijuana, meth, and drug paraphernalia).  He was arrested on school grounds.  Community members have spoken out on social media and also asked us some questions, so My Price County / My Northern Wisconsin reached out to Chief Hauschild to get some truthful answers and quell the rumors.

Chief Hauschild stated the teacher arrested on school grounds "was not in possession of meth on school grounds.  He was not under the influence of an illegal substance while at school.  He was taken into custody at school.  A search warrant was conducted at his residence and that is what lead to his arrest."

Due to a social media comment, we asked Chief Hauschild if meth is transferred by the skin when someone is using it.  He said, "As for absorbing meth through the skin with close contact if someone is using, this is possible but would have to be over a long period of time and the levels would not be dangerous as if you touched the product."

People also asked how the media got the name and photo of the person who was arrested.  To our knowledge, a press release was not sent out by any police agencies in Price County.  In our experience, the police in Price County do not send out many press releases and seem to send far fewer than most neighboring counties who also send press releases to My Northern Wisconsin.  The information about the teacher's arrest originated from a message sent to parents, staff, and others from the school's superintendent.  The name was released but his photo was not attached.  One TV station likely took the arrested person's photo from the School District of Phillips' website, and the other TV station likely got the photo from the arrested person's Facebook cover photo.  That station removed the photo from their Facebook page but kept it on their website, so whenever anyone shares their story on Facebook, his picture will show with the published link.  They did not fully remove his photo.  Consistent with our policy under these circumstances, My Price County published the news story, as many people like to know when important information is released from the school's superintendent, but we did not publish the person's name or photo.  Except when other conditions are met, we do not publish a name or photo of those who are accused, because we err on the side of "innocent until proven guilty," among other reasons.

Further, people asked why this teacher's arrest was publicized but accusations and arrests of staff members were not publicized in the past.  In our experience, reporting news since 2015, the previous superintendent did not send out messages about these types of situations, but there is a new superintendent this year who chose to keep the public informed with this information.

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My Northern Wisconsin, 11-19-2023, 08:18 PM

On Sunday, November 19, 2023 at approximately 10:44 a.m., the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call of a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of County Highway K and US Highway 51.  Upon arrival, it appeared that a southbound 2018 Cadillac X5 was making a left turn eastbound on to Highway K and turned in front of a 2022 Mack semi-truck.  The Mack semi struck the Cadillac as it was making its turn.

Lifesaving measures were given to the operator of the Cadillac, Robert D. Canfield, 76, of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin; however, Robert was pronounced deceased at the scene.  The operator of the Mack semi-truck was uninjured.

Wisconsin State Patrol is completing an accident reconstruction.  The Oneida County Sheriff’s Office was assisted at the scene by the Oneida County HAZMAT Team, Oneida County Ambulance Service, Lifelink Helicopter, Cassian Fire, Nokomis Fire and First Responders, Minocqua and Woodruff Police Departments, and the Oneida County Highway Department. 

This area of US Highway 51 was detoured from approximately 11:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. 

Contributed by:  Oneida County Sheriff's Office

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My Northern Wisconsin, 11-19-2023, 04:04 PM


According to The Carter Center, Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter passed on at 2:10 p.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2023 at her home in Plains, Georgia.  She died with family by her side at the age of 96.

She was married to the 39th president of the United States, Jimmy Carter, for 77 years.

“Rosalynn was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished,” President Carter said.  “She gave me wise guidance and encouragement when I needed it.  As long as Rosalynn was in the world, I always knew somebody loved and supported me.”

“Besides being a loving mother and extraordinary First Lady, my mother was a great humanitarian in her own right,” said Chip Carter. “Her life of service and compassion was an example for all Americans.  She will be sorely missed not only by our family but by the many people who have better mental health care and access to resources for caregiving today.”  Mrs. Carter was a champion of mental health, caregiving, and women’s rights.

Mrs. Carter is survived by her children, Jack, Chip, Jeff, and Amy, plus eleven grandchildren and fourteen great-grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by a grandson who died in 2015.

A tribute website can be accessed at, which includes the family’s official online condolence book, photos, and more.

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My Northern Wisconsin, 11-17-2023, 04:42 AM

The Wisconsin Broadband Office received 124 applications requesting $221.6 million for the Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program.

In the northwoods area that My Northern Wisconsin covers, there were eight applications, including Norvado in Ashland County; Frontier Communications in Lincoln County; Mosaic Technologies, Norvado (covering two areas), and Spectrum in Sawyer County; Bug Tussel in Taylor County; and SonicNet in Vilas County.  Grant recipients will be announced by Spring 2024.

"The Public Service Commission (PSC) is expected to award up to $42 million under the American Rescue Plan Act’s Capital Projects Fund (CPF) to administer Broadband Infrastructure Grants and invest in broadband construction and deployment that will provide high-quality Internet to locations that lack access to adequate, affordable service.  The ratio of requested funding to available funding is the highest for any grant round since the first in 2014," according to the office of Governor Tony Evers.

“The Broadband Infrastructure Grant Program will help build upon our progress to connect over 395,000 homes and businesses to new or improved high-speed internet by helping close the digital divide in communities that have long struggled with inadequate service,” Governor Evers stated.  “That said, clearly, the need far outweighs the resources available, and we must keep making meaningful state investments to prioritize and invest in the robust broadband infrastructure needed to meet our state’s 21st-century needs.”



[Image: bbr.jpg]

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My Northern Wisconsin, 11-17-2023, 04:24 AM


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) unveiled a new 511 Wisconsin logo for its free, easy-to-use traveler information service.  Entering its 15th winter season, the 511 Wisconsin platform reflects a handful of service enhancements all designed to help keep drivers safe.

“Safety is a top priority on Wisconsin highways as we continue to provide a high-quality 511 Wisconsin travel information system to readily share traffic information with Wisconsinites and visitors,” WisDOT Secretary Craig Thompson said.  “We’ve already seen snow in parts of the state so now is the time to get vehicles ready for winter driving, bookmark the 511 website and download our free 511 Wisconsin app.  We are committed to helping drivers make informed decisions about their travel plans.”

The 511 Wisconsin Traveler Information System is the state’s official source for trusted roadway conditions and traffic impacts across Wisconsin.  Under the new 511 Wisconsin logo online at or via the mobile app, the public can access real-time travel information across the state including road conditions, traffic speeds, live video feeds from traffic cameras, message boards, and more.

Since it was first launched in 2009, 511 Wisconsin has continued to develop its web and smartphone capabilities to provide direct access to up-to-date traffic information throughout the state.  The 511 Wisconsin mobile app was first released in 2015 and there are more than 270,000 combined downloads for Android and Apple devices.  Within the last two years, 511 Wisconsin has been upgraded to include the state’s network of more than 500 traffic cameras to stream video.  In addition, WisDOT leveraged technology in January 2022 to share winter road conditions for more than 14,000 miles of roadway, which is updated at least twice hourly, 24 hours a day.

The WisDOT Traffic Management Center (TMC) oversees 511 Wisconsin to populate the website and mobile app with current information based on notifications from law enforcement and other first responders.  On average, the TMC handles more than 38,000 incidents each year.

“Our control room staff work diligently 24/7 year-round to ensure drivers are aware of upcoming conditions on Wisconsin roads,” WisDOT TMC Supervisor Randy Hoyt said.  “Each year, roughly half a million users go online to 511 Wisconsin to get the latest traffic information. It’s an invaluable resource with various features that can help drivers best plan their route to work, school or another destination.”

Users can still dial 511 to access travel information; however, as technology continues to evolve, the traveling public is encouraged to “know before you go” with 511 Wisconsin app or online at

No matter the time or season, WisDOT reminds motorists to buckle up and put their phone down – every trip, every time.  Plan ahead and know before you go with for updates on road conditions, traffic cameras, incidents, and locations of construction work.

Visit to learn about safe driving tips and best practices for winter road safety.

Contributed by:  WisDOT

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My Northern Wisconsin, 11-17-2023, 04:14 AM

At 8:03 p.m. on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, the Vilas County Sheriff’s Office received a wireless 911 call of a vehicle versus tree crash on Sundstein Road in Eagle River. 

Upon arrival, deputies observed a 2004 GMC Yukon had struck a tree and part of the tree was across Sundstein Road.

An initial investigation shows that the driver, a 34 year old man from Eagle River, was traveling at a high rate of speed southbound on Sundstein Road when he lost control and struck a tree.  The driver was pronounced deceased at the scene due to injuries sustained in the crash.  The name of the driver is being withheld at this time pending notification to family.

Eagle River Fire Department, Eagle River Aspirus Ambulance, the Town of Lincoln, Vilas County Sheriff’s Office and Vilas County Medical Examiner’s Office responded to the scene.

The cause of the crash is still under investigation by Vilas County Sheriff’s Office and the Vilas County Medical Examiner’s Office. 

Contributed by:  Vilas County Sheriff's Office

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News: Ashland County    No Replies

My Northern Wisconsin, 11-17-2023, 04:07 AM

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) proposes to issue a permit for the "incidental taking" of a rare turtle in Ashland County, which may result from the Bad River Meander Stabilization Project.

Incidental take refers to the unintentional loss of individual endangered or threatened animals or plants that does not put the species' overall population at risk.

Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership (Enbridge) plans to protect approximately 390 feet (approximately 0.24 acres) of the Bad River shoreline in Ashland County, Wisconsin. The shoreline to be protected is an area where erosion naturally occurs and is where the riverbank is closest to Line 5.

The primary transportation equipment will consist of a helicopter to transport and install trees at the site, and boat/pontoon and trucks/UTVs to transport personnel and tools. To minimize potential impacts associated with access, Enbridge will use pre-existing roads, the Line 5 corridor and an existing trail that are routinely traveled. Prior to installation of the tree revetment, Enbridge will use a small excavator operating within the Bad River to remove debris located along the shoreline. To isolate the excavator within the Bad River, Enbridge will install a temporary dam using an aqua-dam.

The presence of the state threatened wood turtle is confirmed in the vicinity of the project site. DNR staff determined that the proposed project may result in the incidental taking of some turtles.

The DNR concludes that the proposed project is not likely to appreciably reduce the likelihood of the survival or recovery of the species within the state, the whole plant-animal community of which it is a part of or the habitat that is critical to its existence.

Conservation measures to minimize the adverse effect on the endangered species will be incorporated into the proposed Incidental Take Permit. Copies of the jeopardy assessment and background information on the wood turtle are available upon request from DNR Conservation Biologist Stacy Rowe.

The public is encouraged to submit written comments regarding project-related impacts to the wood turtle by Dec. 15, 2023 to:

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
c/o Stacy Rowe, DNR Conservation Biologist
2514 Morse St. Janesville, WI 53545 or 608-228-9796

Contributed by:  Wisconsin DNR

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