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My Northern Wisconsin, 5 hours ago

On Thursday, July 11, 2024 at 9:56 p.m., the Vilas County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call reporting smoke and flames, which were coming from a maintenance building at 1965 Wild Eagle Lane in Eagle River, Wisconsin.  The building is owned by Wild Eagle Lodge.

According to Lieutenant Mike Aderman, "The building was not occupied and there were no injuries during the fire.  Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the maintenance building and prevent the fire from spreading to another building close by.  The Wild Eagle Lodge will remain open for business and service to their customers is not compromised.  The cause of the fire does not appear to be suspicious and foul play is not suspected upon initial investigation."

Agencies responding to the scene included the Eagle River Fire Department, Conover Fire Department, Three Lakes Fire Department, Aspirus Eagle River Ambulance, Vilas County Sheriff’s Department, and Eagle River Police Department.


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My Northern Wisconsin, 07-08-2024, 01:54 AM

After four successful community-wide garage sale events in Phillips over the past four years, we are adding a garage sale event from August 15th to the 18th for the entire county.


Send an e-mail to with “Garage Sale” in the subject line.  Include your first and last name, full address of your garage sale location, the days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday) and the times you set for your garage sale, along with a short list (25 words or less) of some of the items that will be at your garage sale.  The deadline for submitting your garage sale is Monday, August 12, 2024 at noon.

Friday and Saturday will be the biggest days of the garage sale event.  However, those wanting to list a garage sale on Thursday and Sunday may do so, but the best days have proven to be on Friday and Saturday.  You can set your own days and your own hours.

As long as you have an address in Price County (Phillips, Park Falls, Prentice, Ogema, Kennan, Catawba, Fifield, southern Butternut, etc.), you can list your garage sale.  The listing is free.  Given this is county-wide, we realize it may be a very large event to put together.  If you want to help support this county-wide event, you can pay $10 for your ad at this link.  Those who pay for their ad will be listed at the top of the list (in order the ads are received) for their city, town, or village and be recognized as a sponsor.  Any person or business wanting to make a larger donation to support this event, free news, and the promotion of our great county, can do so at this link.


Go to to find a list of the sales.  The complete list will be available the morning of Thursday, August 15, 2024 so check back on that day.


We had our 4th annual community-wide garage sale weekend in Phillips in June 2024.  We decided to add an event in August this year, on a trial run, for the entire county.  Both events are meant to help promote the community.  Please help us make others aware of this event by telling your friends, sharing the event on Facebook at this link, printing the flier (shown below) and displaying it at your business, or liking/sharing our Facebook page,  Also, consider hosting a garage sale or going thrift shopping that weekend!


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Silentsports21, 07-04-2024, 05:33 AM

VICTIM OF SHERIFF SCHMIDT SPEAKS OUT: Go to my FB site : Northern Wisconsin Missing People Unsolved Crime Victims to see video or paste
Its about time the public knew the Truth

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My Northern Wisconsin, 07-02-2024, 01:36 PM

Photo Submitted by:  Future Productions, LLC

Some will say, "She is so lucky," but all those who have followed Olivia Negri on her pageantry journey realize it was her determination, dedication, passion, hard work, and a willingness to grow that set the stage for her to win Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2024.

Winning is exactly what she did on Saturday, June 15, 2024 at the Verona Area High School Performing Arts Center in Verona, Wisconsin.  She was crowned by Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2023 Shelby Hohneke of Hudson.  About that winning moment, Olivia shared, "My emotions, when I was named the new Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2024, were all over the place.  This has been something I have been working on for the past three years.  Not everyone understands the meaning and entailment it takes to compete in these pageants.  It is not about who has the most money, the best dress, or the prettiest.  It is about girls finding their true selves and going out of their shells."

The competition consists of an introduction, athletic wear, formal gown, and personal interview.  Olivia said, "I was fortunate enough to be in the top five at the finals.  The top five contestants were then required to answer an onstage question.  My question this year was, "What is the best compliment someone has ever given you?"  I responded with, "The best compliment someone has ever given me would be how passionate I am."

Showing her passion for this pageant, Olivia has been in the Miss Wisconsin Teen USA competition for the last three years.  In 2023, she placed 4th runner-up.  She said the only difference this year compared to last year was that the preliminaries and finals were all in one day.  She added, "I was not as nervous going into this year's pageant as the previous years, but I still felt all the emotions."

To better prepare for this year's competition, and to help ease any nerves that could spring up, she worked on her interview skills talking with people.  "I went around my town and to local businesses to talk to them about sponsorships and tell them more about what I do.  In turn, this proved to be a great way to work on and improve my interview.  Communicating with strangers and making small talk is a wonderful way to improve interview skills.  I think this made a difference for me at the state pageant this year."

Regarding her big win, Olivia said, "My parents were equally shocked and excited!  This has been a dream for me, and my parents have supported me through all of it; I would not have been able to have these experiences without their love.  It all happened so fast, and I think it was a bit of a shock for my parents, as well as me."

She said when she got back home to Park Falls, she was greeted by her family, and the Park Falls Police Department escorted their family vehicle throughout town.

The community will get to see Olivia at various events across the county over the summer.  She has been completing many interviews, and she will be making public appearances.  She is currently scheduled to appear at the upcoming rodeo, 4th of July parade in Park Falls, and the fair.

Her next pageant will be the Miss Teen USA 2024 competition held in Hollywood, California.

After the upcoming pageant, Olivia shared her plans for the future.  She said she plans on attending college either to get an audiology or business degree.  "I do not plan on competing for a few years after this so I can start my adulthood and hopefully a career as an audiologist.  But, you never know, as I may jump right back in as there are so many amazing things that come out of competing – networking opportunities, meeting new friends, scholarship opportunities, advocating for important causes....I could go on and on!"

The judges chose Tori Trittin, 22, of Madison as Miss Wisconsin USA 2024 and Olivia Negri, 17, of Park Falls as Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2024.
Photo Submitted by:  Future Productions, LLC

According to a press release from the organization, "The Miss Teen USA competition is slated for August 1st and the Miss USA competition on August 4th, both airing live on The CW network."  You can watch Olivia in the pageant plus My Price County will provide an update after the pageant.

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Written by:  Lynne Bohn,

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My Northern Wisconsin, 06-17-2024, 03:26 PM

Reports received by the police departments in Price County for the month have been condensed and summarized.

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5-1-24:  A Phillips man turned himself in for driving under the influence.  He said he didn't know how he got to the house where he was, but he found a phone and called 911.  The car was in a ditch on Short Cut Road.

5-1-24:  A Prentice business terminated an employee who made threats to harm staff as he was leaving.

5-1-24:  A single vehicle rollover was reported in the Town of Flambeau with one woman and two children in the vehicle.

5-2-24:  An individual called to report harassment by staff at Prentice High School.  He said it was an ongoing issue that began near the beginning of the school year.  He stated he was harassed because of his socks.

5-2-24:  A Butternut woman reported being a victim of a scam.  She met someone online through a website for widows and had wired money through multiple transactions.

5-4-24:  A Catawba woman reported her security cameras kept going off but she did not see anyone in her yard.  One of her cameras appeared to show a white paint streak on the side of her vehicle.  She said there were ongoing issues on her street since December 2023.

5-4-24:  A Park Falls woman reported a male sitting outside of a bar, and he appeared to have a gun.  The man left on South 5th Avenue.

5-5-24:  A woman stated she was physically assaulted by three females and was walking on Hwy. 13 to get to the hospital.  Since the woman was in Taylor County, the Taylor County Sheriff's Office arranged for an ambulance to get her.  Meanwhile, a woman called to report the woman walking was in an altercation with her ex-girlfriend and two other women.  The altercation allegedly started, according to the caller, when the woman needing an ambulance was called "a 'b' word."  At the hospital, Central Price County Ambulance Service staff arrived with the person who was injured.  They found out that there was a restraining order against one of the women.  It was stated that the altercation occurred when one of the women showed up and then threw a dresser at one of the women.

5-6-24:  A Phillips woman reported that she got a scam call from someone claiming to be Xcel Energy.  The caller wanted to refund her $97 but would not just put it on her account as a credit.  The person did not give any financial information to the caller.

5-6-24:  A Phillips woman called to report someone spray painting the road to warn people about the rough road.  When asked if the caller thought it was the town chairman, the caller stated it was not.

5-6-24:  A man reported a vehicle running into the back of a semi-truck in northern Price County.

5-7-24:  The medical center called to request a welfare check on a woman who made comments at her appointment that she did not feel safe at home.

5-10-24:  The School District of Prentice requested a deputy respond to a student who fell in the gym.  When the student fell, a vape pen, which smelled like marijuana, fell from the student's pocket.

5-13-24:  A person reported a white-colored dog, that looked similar to a husky, in a small cage, which was described as an 8 foot by 8 foot chain link fence enclosure.  The person stated they drive past three to four times per day and never see the dog loose for proper exercise, plus others in the area told the caller the dog has been in the kennel for years.

5-13-24:  A woman stated a man, who said he was from Kentucky, was asking for money and a place to stay at a Prentice gas station.  The man became very upset when he was told to contact the Sheriff's Office and he walked west on US Hwy. 8.

5-13-24:  A Westboro woman called to report a field and some trees on fire east of her home.

5-16-24:  When Probation and Parole was escorting a man to the Price County Jail, he fled on foot.  Police responded.

5-16-24:  An Ogema man reported his girlfriend hit his neighbor's cow in the road, and there was a lot of damage to the vehicle.  The man wanted to speak with a deputy regarding cows being out of the fence.

5-18-24:  An automated 911 call stated there was a vehicle crash detected but the owner was not responding.  Emergency services discovered the crash was an accident involving two motorcycles, and the motorcyclists had minor injuries such as scrapes.

5-20-24:  A Prentice man reported the theft of about 40 flag holders from a cemetery in Prentice.  The holders were set up in preparation for Memorial Day.

5-20-24:  An Ogema man reported dogs attacking a cow in the Town of Ogema.

5-24-24:  A Park Falls woman reported that her husband was assaulted outside of the theater.  The attacker was described as about 5'5 inches tall man who is mid-size in weight, 30 years old, with a brown Afro and brown beard.  The man was identified as someone from Butternut.

5-25-24:  Staff at a bar north of Phillips requested deputies for an altercation involving several individuals.

5-25-24:  A Prentice woman reported she bought a vehicle for $14,000 cash on April 28, 2024 in Chicago, Illinois.  When she want to register the vehicle, she received a notice from the DMV that the vehicle had been reported as stolen.

5-25-24:  A man reported his property was damaged at a campground in Ogema.  The man stated his campsite was ripped apart, the trailer was moved, and the generator was damaged.

5-28-24:  A woman reported that she mailed a check from Greenfield, WI to a business.  The check was modified and cashed by someone else in Racine, WI via mobile banking.  The woman reported it in Price County because she was advised she needed to report it where her boss lived.

5-28-24:  A Phillips man reported three transmissions missing from his shop.

5-29-24:  A UTV went off the side of the bridge on a trail by the Smith Lake Campground in Park Falls.  No one was injured.

5-30-24:  A 911 call was received from Mississippi reporting an ATV accident with an injured operator.  The call was detected as coming from Skinner Creek Lane and Scenic Road West.

5-31-24:  A Park Falls woman reported she was on the county board and was being harassed by another board member.

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5-2-2024:  Near Princeton Valley and Hillcrest, Phillips Police had contact with an adult male and adult female who were inside of a disabled vehicle.  The officer could smell the odor of illicit drugs and located illicit drugs on the female.  The officer issued a citation to the female and then towed the vehicle to the Phillips Police Department impound lot.  The adult male was transported via ambulance.

5-3-2024:  Near Oak Street and Eyder Avenue, police assisted the Price County Sheriff's Department with a traffic stop. The driver was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

5-5-2024: Police were advised of a male who was highly intoxicated at a local establishment in the City of Phillips.  An officer spoke with the male and checked his welfare.  The officer advised the male that he was being asked to leave the establishment as he was passing out at the bar.  The officer made sure the male was not wanted and took him back to his residence in the City of Phillips.

5-6-24:  A parent reported an injury that a student received at school more than a week ago.  The parent was concerned the incident had not been reported to the proper authorities.  An officer spoke with school officials and documented the incident.  No further action was required.

5-6-24:  Police received a report from a local school district about a juvenile male student who injured another student.  The juvenile male student was disciplined with in-school suspension and will be referred to the Price County Human Services Department.

5-7-24:  On Argyle Avenue, police responded to a residence where the owner stated they smelled a foul order.  Upon arrival, the owner stated that his septic had backed up.  The officer contacted the on-call personnel for the Department of Public Works.

5-10-24: Police were dispatched to an intoxicated male annoying customers inside of a restaurant.  Officers arrived and accompanied the male out of the restaurant.  The man was on felony bond out of Price County and was not to possess or consume alcohol.  He was arrested and held at the Price County Jail for felony bail jumping.

5-10-24:  Police were advised a sign that was over the sidewalk on North Lake Avenue was not safe as part of it broke loose from the sign holder.  An officer observed the sign and deemed it was a safety hazard.  The owner of the building was contacted and advised of the situation. The officer placed traffic cones in the area.  The owner was not aware of the condition of the sign and stated that the sign would be removed in the morning of May 11, 2024.

5-12-24:  Police received a call from a male who advised he found a pontoon boat floating in Long Lake with no one around.  The male towed the pontoon boat to the boat landing on County Road W.  An officer got a hold of the owner of the pontoon, and the owner advised they would have their friend retrieve the pontoon boat and take it back to their cabin.

During the week of 5-13-24 to 5-19-24, many courtesy violation notices were given for failure to cut grass at a residence.  Additional notices were given throughout May.

5-16-24:  Near Cherry Street and North Lake Avenue, police were notified by Price County Dispatch of a possible revoked driver in the City of Phillips.  An officer located the vehicle, and the vehicle began to move southbound on South Lake Avenue.  An officer stopped the vehicle and arrested an adult male for operating while revoked alcohol-related, failure to install ignition interlock device, and felony bail jumping.  The officer transported the man to the Price County Jail where he was held.

5-16-24:  Police were advised by Price County Probation and Parole of an adult male who had fled from probation agents.  An officer and Price County Sheriff's deputies patrolled the area attempting to locate the adult male.  The adult male was not located.

5-16-24:  Police were requested to perform a welfare check on a woman who had texted "help," and the complainant was not able to get in communication with the woman.  Law enforcement was able to speak with the woman who stated that she was alright but was in need of help at a restaurant as there was an influx of customers.

5-17-24:  An uncontrollable child was reported at the Phillips High School.  Phillips Police responded, spoke with the parties involved, and this matter is under investigation.

5-18-24: A child that was found chasing a dog down a sidewalk in the City of Phillips.  An officer arrived on scene and observed the father was coming to pick up the child.  The officer was later advised that the Price County Sheriff's Department had placed a Project Lifesaver bracelet on the child.

5-19-24:  Police were contacted by Price County Dispatch about a citizen calling reporting bear cubs near the Phillips High School.  Phillips Police spoke with the citizen who was concerned for children’s safety.  Phillips Police patrolled the area.

5-28-24:  Police received a complaint on harassing messages through Snap Chat.  An officer collected statements at an Avon Avenue address.

5-28-24:  Police stopped a vehicle for not stopping for a pedestrian crossing the roadway.  The officer identified the driver by their driver’s license and issued a written warning for FYR to pedestrian.

5-28-24:  Police were notified by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections that an offender was released into the community and was homeless.

5-28-24: A report was made of a disorderly male at a local grocery store in the City of Phillips.  An officer spoke with the female victim of the incident.  The male will be cited for Disorderly Conduct.

5-28-24:  Police received a report of a juvenile in possession of tobacco products, marijuana, ammunition, and other possible stolen items.  This matter is under investigation.

5-29-24:  On Eyder Avenue, there was a complaint from a citizen who reported their front door had been attempted to be opened by an unknown person.  An officer attempted to view video footage to identify the unknown subject.

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5-3-24:  An officer was contacted by a man who was concerned about the vacant residence across the street from him.  He told the officer that is was currently for sale, and he saw a bunch of people coming and going from the residence.

5-4-24: Police received information from dispatch that a complainant saw a male sleeping in his Jeep and had a gun next to him.

5-4-24: A toddler was reported as running in the middle of Highway 13.  The parents were located.  The child had broken through a screen window while the mother was in the living room.

5-7-24:  There was a complaint of barking and fighting dogs causing a lot of noise and discomfort for the reporting party.

5-10-24:  A call from a concerned citizen stated that aluminum siding and insulation was blowing off of a tower located on the old paper mill property.  The owner was contacted.

Police reports were not sent to the press for the week of May 13 to May 19, 2024.

5-21-24:  A report of unknown noise within residence was received.  The noise was determined to be a sump pump alarm and was shut off when the unit was power cycled.

5-23-24:  An officer spoke with a male regarding another male harassing him and his business.

5-24-24: Police received a report of a male victim who was battered by an unknown suspect when he was walking home.  The suspect was unable to be identified.

5-26-24:  The DNR warden requested police assistance in dealing with several children chasing a fawn deer in the area near the ice arena/athletic fields.  The children and fawn were located, and the children were addressed.

5-27-24:  An officer was approached by a woman who stated she located a one dollar bill in her mailbox.  She was unsure on why it was in there and asked that the officer collect it, which the officer did.  There were no substances visible on it and also nothing written on it.  The dollar turned in as evidence.

5-29-24:  Police received a phone call regarding the grass tore up at Hines Park from a vehicle.  An officer photographed the damage to the property.

5-29-24: Police received a report of a battery/disorderly conduct altercation between two employees at a gas station in Park Falls.

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My Northern Wisconsin, 06-17-2024, 02:00 PM

Equipment started moving into the future Forward Bank location in April 2024.

The ground has been broken for the new location of Forward Bank in Phillips, which will be at the corner of Hwy. 13 and County Road F.  The construction of the new building has been planned to "be conscious of the surrounding natural resources, understanding neighboring business’ parking need, and to respect the DOT requirements on accessing Highway 13," according to Forward Bank.

The structure will be the home for the bank, insurance, and investment services.  The new facility will have Interactive Teller Machine (ITM) technology, allowing for expanded self-serve transactions.

“We have been very purposeful in the selection of our new location and the design of the facility,” commented Bill Sennholz, CEO of Forward Bank.  “The offices will allow for collaboration between bank, insurance, and investment team members to help our customers meet all their financial needs.  It is set on a beautiful lot that will allow customers to enjoy the views as much as we do.”

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Steve Precour, and insurance agent with Forward Insurance, stated, “Our investment in this building demonstrates our long-term commitment to the success of our customers and neighbors here.  We’re looking forward to showing you this full-service office and moving forward together for many years.”

The existing bank building, located at 366 North Lake Avenue, will be sold.  The insurance offices are expected to be leased to other businesses.

Photo by:  Forward Bank

Pictured:  Therese Trojak, Barbara Chapman, Jon Pesko, Bill Sennholz, Frank Dusek, Stacie Prochnow, Terry Palecek, Steve Precour, Angie Revak, Doug Nutt, Jeff Baratka, Dave Clark, John Marshall, Sandy Klatt, Mark Brzeskiewicz, Trenton Larson, Shelby Kosmer, Dennis Immerfall, Brad Larson, Richard Heitkemper, and Kayla Bushman

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My Northern Wisconsin, 06-14-2024, 02:42 PM

Chequamegon School District announced Eagle Award winners for April and May 2024, plus May's pop tabs and RED winners.


Eagle Award Winners were announced at the Park Falls Elementary School for April and May 2024.  Students demonstrated "cooperation" in April and "leadership" in May.

April 2024:


Back row, left to right:
Sarah Morgan, Sebastian Snyder, Colton Bruun, Diesel Oswald, Jerrick Andreas, Cam Arntsen, and Kiah Eshankunda

Front row, left to right:
Adaline Klepac, Breeleigh Walker, Lila Hammond, Penelope Andreas, Madelynn Larson, Brooks Nelson, Jamie Herbst, Kaylah Nyakusinga, and Sienna Smith

May 2024:


Front row, left to right:
Riley Kontny, Adriana Schultz, Rowen Brummer, Daxon Singer, Natalie Lynch, Jack Carlson, and Connor Humphrey

Back row, left to right:
Chad Peth, Connor Wolf, Naomi Schneider, London Mederias, Aliyah Green, TJ Boone, and Myra Freiburger



Pop tabs were collected.  The following students collected the most pop tabs.  In May, the school collected 173 pounds in total.  All pop tabs get donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Marshfield.



Mr. Grams, a 2nd grade teacher from Park Falls Elementary School of the Chequamegon School District, is pictured proudly holding the monthly traveling Peacock trophy.  Mr. Grams' class is the May "RED" (Read Every Day) winning classroom.  His students read the most out of all the classrooms in the school.

Photos Submitted by:  Chequamegon School District

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My Northern Wisconsin, 06-13-2024, 03:17 PM


The Power of 3 Community Development Group, Inc., Judy Hayton, Davette Hrabak, and Lynne Bohn, added a third bench to the bank clock pocket park in Phillips a couple weeks ago through various donations.

On June 7, 2024, the ladies added four geometric planters and flowers to the park, plus swept away the sand that had collected on the cement to get the area looking good for summer.

The staff at Birchland Realty has volunteered to water the flowers throughout the summer to help them thrive.

Aside from being down for repairs on about three various occasions, the clock has been in Phillips for 106 years, arriving in 1918.

For those who did not read the article in 2021, this link provides a history of the clock and its most recent restoration.





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My Northern Wisconsin, 06-11-2024, 06:54 PM


Merrlyn Gudim Seefeldt was born on August 21, 1938 in Maquoketa, Iowa to Victor and Edna Gudim.  Merrlyn went to be with Jesus on June 5, 2024 at her home in Monticello, Minnesota surrounded by the family she loved.  Merrlyn moved several times during her childhood across the Upper Midwest with her ending up in Fifield, Wisconsin, where she graduated from high school in 1956.  Merrlyn attended Valparaiso University (Indiana) and graduated from their Deaconess program in 1960.  It was at Valpo that Merrlyn met the editor of the yearbook, William (Bill) Seefeldt, who was looking for an assistant.  Thus started the dynamic duo team that we have all known and loved for over 62 years.

Bill and Merrlyn were married in Park Falls, Wisconsin, on June 30, 1962. They have four children:  Brenda, Krista, John, and Mark.  In 1974, the Seefeldt family moved to Monticello, where they have lived since.

Merrlyn lived a life full of faith and family.  Merrlyn loved her family with all her heart and shared her love in a variety of family activities including the annual Christmas hearts tournament, fantasy football league, and NCAA bracket challenge.  There is nothing Bill and Merrlyn did without the other.  They have had a lifelong passion for ministries at the local, national, and international levels.  Some of the many ministries that Merrlyn led and contributed to include Bible studies, prayer meetings, Alpha, congregational care, and most recently global missions with an emphasis on Tanzania.  Her example of steadfast prayer and a caring heart will be her legacy.

Bill and Merrlyn formed Electro Industries Inc. in Monticello in 1974 with a focus on manufacturing for the electric heat management market.

Merrlyn is notoriously known around Monticello for riding behind Bill on their white trike, a three-wheeled motorcycle.  Bill and Merrlyn have traveled with their trike across the country visiting countless states, national parks, canyons, and mountain passes.

Merrlyn is preceded in death by her parents, Victor and Edna Gudim; and son-in-law, Jon Smith.  She is survived by her husband, William (Bill) Seefeldt; their four children, Brenda Seefeldt Amodea (John), Krista Smith-Larson (Loren), John Seefeldt (Karin), and Mark Seefeldt; their grandchildren, Brittany Lindahl (Stefan), Tyler Zillmer (Amy), Ella Wilkes (Brian), Isaac Smith (Beth), Nathan Seefeldt (Anna) Megan Seefeldt, Loren Dale Larson (T’Sheal), Alex Larson (Stefani), Morgan Ritter (Jake), Jamon Brown, Curt Johnson (Rachel), Terrill Weathers, and Kenneth Wilson; siblings, Betty Gudim, William Gudim (Annette), and Jerry Gudim (Karen) along with special nieces, nephews, and numerous great-grandchildren, whom she loved dearly and brought so much joy into her life during her later years.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that any donations go to Merrlyn's passion, the Bridgeview Church's Global Mission Fund. Visitation will be held from 5-7 p.m., with sharing of memories at 7 p.m. on Monday, June 17, 2024 at the Peterson-Grimsmo Funeral Chapel, 250 E. Broadway Street, Monticello, MN.  Her funeral service will take place at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, June 18, 2024 with visitation from 2-4 p.m. at Bridgeview Church, 20500 County Road 11, Big Lake, MN. Interment to follow at Riverside Cemetery, Monticello, MN.  The family will return to church after the interment to share a meal and fellowship.  Arrangements have been entrusted to the Peterson-Grimsmo Funeral Chapel ~ Monticello.

This obituary can be shared on Facebook from this link.

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My Northern Wisconsin, 06-04-2024, 05:20 PM

The list and map for the Phillips Community-wide Garage Sale Event have been published at

You can access the list from your computer or smart phone at the above link.  If you want a list you can print, you will find two options in the second paragraph at the link.  The first option is a pdf with all the information, including sale number, address, dates & times, and items for each sale.  It is four pages.  The second option is a pdf that omits the "items" and puts the listings in two columns to make it two pages for those who want to print less.

There is also a link for the interactive Google map.

Have a fun time thrift shopping with your friends and family.

The Phillips Community-wide Garage Sale Event will be back in June 2025.  My Price County is considering having a county-wide sale later in the summer, so stay tuned to see if that materializes this year.  Otherwise, it is something we will highly consider for next summer.


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